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Running Your Auction

Participant Management

Participants can be added to an event ahead of time in 3 ways: manual entry, importing from a DonorSnap DataMiner Platinum list, or importing from a spreadsheet. A participant can also register themselves by logging in to the event app directly.

Participant Authorization

Each participant must be authorized before they can bid.

The most important aspect of managing participants is their authorization status. Only authorized participants can bid on items. Participants that register themselves will need to be manually authorized unless you have the “Require Approval of Bidders” setting turned off in the Event Settings page. 

All imported and manually entered participants through the Participants listing page will be authorized by default. 

If a malicious participant is interfering with your auction, their authorization can be removed on the Participants listing page. Uncheck the Authorized field for that user and they will no longer be able to bid. 

Participants Listing

All participants added manually, imported, or self-registration will show up in the Participants listing page. Each participant is based on the Email field. Duplicate email addresses will be combined into one record, and the address/phone supplied by the participant will take priority over imported data.

AuthorizedIs this participant authorized to place bids on items?
Bidder NumberA unique number assigned to each bidder to help identify them.
NameName entered/imported by staff or by the participant in self-registration
EmailEmail addresses must be unique and cannot be duplicated. If an email is imported, when that email address is used to log in, it will be linked with this participant.
PhonePhone number entered/imported by staff or by the participant in self-registration
AddressAddress entered/imported by staff or by the participant in self-registration
SourceManual: Entered one at a time using the + icon
Import: Imported from a spreadsheet
DMP #: Imported from DonorSnap using the batch number listed
Mobile: Self-registered using the event website
Last LoginThe last time this email address was used to log in to the event website.

Event Management

The Event Activity section contains the tools that you will need while the event is taking place. 

Auction Status

See a current snapshot of what is happening in the auction. This page is read only and shows the current high bids for items and the buy it now purchases.

Manual Bid Entry – Bid for a Participant

Participants that do not have a mobile device or computer to submit their own bids can ask an admin to place bids on their behalf through this page. A full listing of auction items is displayed. Click the $ icon to submit a bid or click the +shopping cart icon for Buy It Now.

Bid Maintenance – Delete a Bid

If a bid was placed in error, it can be deleted on this page. Only the current high bid for each item will be displayed and allowed to be deleted. Click the delete icon on the row to delete that high bid. The last bid prior to this one will automatically become the new high bid. 

Notifications will be sent to the new high bidders after a bid is deleted. These notifications cannot be bypassed.

Important AutoBid Notes

If you delete a bid that was placed by an AutoBid, it will cause complications. For example:

  1. Joe bids $10 with a max bid of $100 and increment of $10
  2. Sally bids $50
  3. Joe’s AutoBid bids $60

If Joe’s $60 bid is deleted, Sally will be the new high bidder at $50. However the $100 autobid is still active. If Eric now bids $60, Joe’s AutoBid will bid $70 to become the new high bidder.

Live Auction Winning Bid Entry

After the auctioneer has finished collecting bids for a live auction only item, enter the winning bid here. Double click on the row in the bidder column to select the bidder and then enter the amount in the column on the right. Press enter or click Save to lock the bid in place. Next click the button in the upper left “Send Winning Bid Emails and Add Items to Cart” button so that your participants can check out with the items.


Participants can check out with credit/debit cards using the event website, but all cash/check transactions must be done through the admin checkout page. Select the participant’s shopping cart in the table at the top of the page and then move to the section below the table. Select the items for checkout and then fill out their payment information. Receipts can be emailed or generated to PDF for printing.

To view a cart that has already been checked out, find it in the table above. After selecting it, the email receipt can be sent again or print the PDF below. 

Broadcast Message

Send an in-app message to all of the participants that are currently browsing the event website. This message will display on the screen for both logged in participants and guests that have not logged in. If a participant does not have the webpage open, they will not receive this message.

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