Nonprofit Auction Software

Streamline Your Nonprofit Auctions.

With AuctionSnap, running your next nonprofit auction has never been easier. Our all-in-one system will help you manage your auction with ease. Discover how AuctionSnap works from start to finish.

How to Set Up Your Auctions

Organize and List Your Items

AuctionSnap’s nonprofit auction software supports both silent and live auction items for the same event. This hybrid model allows nonprofits the greatest flexibility when creating their nonprofit auctions.

Offer a variety of auction items

Organize your auction items by type, tag, and offer starting bids. Add buy-it-now items in limited and unlimited quantities, providing ample opportunity to sell a mix of auction items at your events.

Build momentum before your event

Every auction receives a custom landing page and link. With everything living on your auction site, nonprofits can promote items early prior to the big event.

Save countless hours of admin time

During the event keep an eye on auction status, manually adjust or enter bids, and assist with checkout if needed. After the event, all data is available for easy import into DonorSnap or your CRM of choice.

Running Your Auctions

The Ultimate Bidding Experience

AuctionSnap will improve the bidding experience for your guests. No more waiting in long lines or dealing with bid sheets, everything can be done right from their phone or computer.

Convenience for your guests

Guests easily browse items, add to watch lists, and bid from phones! With both in-person and remote bidding, more guests can participate.

More money for your organization

Guests can see bids in real time, adding an element of excitement to your events. The auto-bid feature creates more action, encourages competition, and drives up bids!

Easy and secure event check out

Now your guests won’t have to wait in long lines after your events. AuctionSnap’s secure mobile checkout will save you and your guests time while also offering peace of mind.

Simplify Your Nonprofit Auctions Today