A Simpler Way to Run Your Nonprofit Auctions

AuctionSnap by DonorSnap was designed to help nonprofit organizations streamline their fundraising auctions. Whether you are holding an in-person, online, or hybrid auction, AuctionSnap has got you covered.

If you’re looking for an easy-to-use, cost-efficient nonprofit auction tool that can be used on-site and on mobile devices, sign up for a free live demo!

A DIY Auction Tool to Support Your Fundraising Auctions

Effortlessly manage every part of your nonprofit auctions, from listing items to checking out bidders.

  • Unlimited auctions, items, and bidders
  • Custom URL for each event
  • DonorSnap Integration
  • Mobile bidding
  • Secure mobile checkout
  • Paddle Raises
  • Onsite and Remote Bidding
Easily Set Up Your Auctions

Organize all auction items, details, and descriptions within the AuctionSnap system and display them neatly through a custom URL.

Create the Ultimate Bidding Experience

Guests can do everything from bidding on items to checking out right from their phones or computers. You can also reach a wider audience with the option for onsite and remote bidding in the same auction.

Raise More Money for Your Organization

Open your auction early to promote items before your event and build momentum for the big day. Guests see bids in real time encouraging more action and driving higher bids.

DonorSnap Integration

A seamless integration with DonorSnap allows nonprofits to easily link contacts, push transaction data over to the CRM, use the same payment processing account and more!.

Ready to streamline your nonprofit auctions?

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