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Participant FAQ

User Accounts

Q: Can I log in to multiple accounts on the same phone?

A: No, only one account can be logged in at a time per device unless you use two separate browsers (e.g. Chrome and Firefox). Two tabs in the same browser will only allow you to be logged in to one account at a time.

If you open a new tab and log in again, the old tab will switch over to the newly logged in user.

Q: I tried to create an account, but it’s asking for my password. How do I get in?

A: If the system is asking for a password, that means an account already exists for your email address. If you used AuctionSnap at another event, this is the same account and password. You will not need to register a new one.

If you do not know your password, enter your email address in the login screen, and then click the Forgot Password link under the login button. This will send you an email with a link to reset your password. Open the email and click the button to go to the password reset page. Reset your password and then log in with your new password.


Q: How do I skip the bidding and just buy an auction item?

A: Only items with a Buy It Now price can be purchased without bidding. If the item you want does not have a Buy It Now enabled, you will have to go through the bidding process. Make sure you enable text notifications so that you are alerted if you are outbid.

Q: What is an Auto Bid?

A: Auto Bidding allows you to set a maximum amount that you are willing to pay, and then the system will automatically outbid all other bidders up to your maximum amount.

When you bid on an item that has Auto Bidding enabled, you’ll see a switch below the bid input box. First enter your initial bid amount in the field at the top. Next tap the toggle switch to show the fields that allow you to set a maximum bid. Enter the amount of your maximum bid. If you’d like to outbid any competitors by more than the standard bid increment, enter your desired increment amount.

For example, if the baseball tickets have a current bid of $50 with a minimum bid increment of $10, the next bid must be at least $60. I then type $75 in the current bid and set a max bid of $150 with an increment of $25. The item now shows a bid price of $75 to all other participants. When someone else comes in and bids the next minimum amount of $85, my auto bid will kick in and bid $25 more than that, $110.

Q: I just bid on an item, but how is someone else the high bidder still?

A: When the current high bidder has an max/auto bid set, the system will immediately bid on their behalf up to their maximum amount. Place another bid to try to outbid their maximum amount.

Q: How do I know if I have won an item?

A: When you win an item, you will be sent an email, the item will be placed in your cart with an icon in the upper right of the screen, and the auction item page will show the amount in green with a medal icon on it.

Click the link in your email, the cart icon in the upper right, or select My Cart from the navigation menu to check out.


Q: How do I enable text, email, or in-app notifications?

A: Notifications are set up when you first create your user account. If you would like to make changes, log in to your AuctionSnap account, and click the 3 lines icon in the upper left. Click My Account and then Notifications. Edit your notification preferences by toggling the switch for each category and delivery method you’d like. To enable text messages, you will additionally need to enter your cell phone number and click the box to opt-in.

Q: How to I turn off text messages?

A: You can unsubscribe from all text messages by replying STOP or by changing your notification settings. Click the 3 lines icon in the upper left, click My Account, and then Notifications. Uncheck the Opt-In checkbox at the bottom and you will no longer be sent any text messages through AuctionSnap.

Q: What are in-app notifications?

A: In-app notifications will not show up like your phone app notifications. You must be logged in with the screen open and a notification will pop up from the bottom to alert you that you have been outbid, bidding is ending soon, or some other message related to the auction.


Q: Now that I’ve won an item, how do I pay for it?

A: If you are still on the auction website, click the cart icon in the upper right corner of the screen or choose My Cart from the navigation menu. Alternatively, click the link in the email you received to go to your cart.

In the cart, select the items you are ready to pay for and move to checkout. Pay for your items with a credit/debit card and a receipt will be emailed to you confirming your purchase.

Q: I don’t want to pay from my phone, can I go to a checkout line?

A: Contact your event organizer or look for a checkout line at the live event to process your payment from the admin side.

Q: How do I pay by check, cash or donor advised fund?

A: The mobile checkout from your phone can only process credit/debit cards. For all other payment options, go to the event’s checkout line or contact the event organizer to record your payment.

Q: How do I pick up my items?

A: Under the Navigation menu (3 lines icon in the upper left) click the Order History page. Each item may have pickup instructions listed there. If there are no instructions on that screen, contact the event organizer or look for signs at the live event for the pickup location.

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