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Admin FAQ

Admin FAQ

Setting up the event

Q: How do I handle tickets to enter an event?

A: Create a Buy It Now Only (In Person Only) for the event tickets. When the participant arrives at the event and checks in, create a participant record if there isn’t one already, go to the admin Checkout page, select their participant record, click the Add Item box and select the ticket. Finish checkout from admin side or the participant can check out from the app since the item is added to their cart.

Q: Can I sell raffle tickets?

A: Raffle tickets are subject to your state’s laws, and as an AuctionSnap user, you are required to be compliant. Speak with your legal advisor regarding whether your organization can run a raffle or not.

Q: How do I preview an event?

A: Only open events can be viewed. Set the open dates to be in the past, and then log in as a participant or guest.

Q: How do I send a test email to see what they look like?

A: Test emails are not available. Create an event and try out the situation to receive a copy of the email. For checkout receipt emails, use the admin checkout page and check out with the cash/check option to avoid having to submit a real payment.

Q: How do I enable auto bid when I have an item with multiple quantities?

A: If an auction item has a quantity greater than 1, auto bid cannot be enabled. Each quantity could instead be listed as it’s own auction item and then auto bid could be enabled for each item.

Q: Can I use card swipers?

A: No, card swipe devices are not compatible with with the AuctionSnap checkout at this time.

Q: What is the difference between Buy It Now Only (Online) and Buy It Now Only (In-Person Only) item types?

A: The “Online” option will show up in the event website for participants to see and purchase. The “In-Person Only” option will only show up for the admin pages: Manual Bid Entry and Admin Checkout.

Q: How can I let Buy It Now Only (Online) items be purchased before/after bidding opens/closes?

A: If using the default auction settings, Buy It Now Only (Online) items are only available for purchase while bidding is open. After bidding closes, you could change the item type to be Buy It Now Only (In-Person Only) and add the item to the participant’s cart through the admin checkout screen. Alternatively you would need to set up your Auction Settings page to enable “Allow custom bidding open/close by location” and then leave the Location field of the item blank. That will remove the restriction of open/close times for these items.

Q: What happens when I enable “Allow custom bidding open/close by location” for my auction?

A: When this setting is enabled, all items will ignore the default bidding open/close times. Instead the open/close times are governed by the location that the item has been assigned to. Go to the Dropdown Fields page, expand the Locations section and adjust your open/close dates as needed. If you make changes to the defaults after adding a location, it will not have any effect on the locations already created. You will need to come back to this screen and edit the times for each location.

This feature is intended for use when tables close at different times. It will complicate your auction significantly and the overall countdown timer will only show for the latest closing date. Only enable this feature if you specifically need items to close at different times or want Buy It Now Only (Online) items to be available for purchase at any time.

Q: How do I set up paddle raises?

A: Paddle raises would be set up as Buy It Now items either the online or in-person only option. If you want the participants to enter their own paddle raises, then you would create a Buy It Now Only (Online) item for each paddle amount. In this setup, the participant can add it to their cart on their own, or an admin could add it for them in the Manual Bid Entry page. If you would not want it visible to participants in the auction items listing, you would set it up as a Buy It Now Only (In-Person Only) item. When you do the live paddle raise at your event, have someone write down the paddle raises on a paper to record afterwards. Then go to the Manual Bid Entry page and add the paddle raises using the Buy It Now items you have set up. The participants can then check out using their mobile device or the admin checkout.

During the event

Q: How do I delete Buy It Now items from the cart that were added by mistake? (accidental buy it now from app or mistake in admin checkout adding items)

A: Bid Maintenance > Click the Delete button on the line for the Buy It Now you want to remove.

Q: How do I allow people to purchase Buy It Now Only (Online) items after bidding closes?

A: Buy It Now Only (Online) items are no longer available after bidding ends. These items can be made available for purchase through the admin checkout process by editing the item type to be Buy It Now Only (In Person Only) after bidding closes. Items of this item type do not follow bidding open/close times.

Q: How do I block or prevent someone from bidding on items?

A: Go to the Participants page, find the user you with to block, and uncheck the Authorized box. They will no longer be able to place any bids using this email address.

Q: Can I change the bid closing times after the event has started?

A: Yes, the system will allow you to change the bid and event open/close times, but this may have unintended consequences. Changing the close times too close to the original times may prevent notifications of the auction ending soon or winning bids from being sent. If the bidding closes and is then reopened, notifications that were already sent will not send a second time. If a participant has already checked out, you should never reopen the auction.

Q: How do I delete or edit a bit that was placed by mistake?

A: Go to the Bid Maintenance page. Find the bid in question and click the delete icon next to it. Bids cannot be edited; they can only be deleted.

Q: If a bidder leaves and doesn’t check out, can I charge their credit card?

A: No, AuctionSnap cannot store any credit cards in the system. Checkout must be done by the participant on their mobile device/computer or through the admin checkout with the card in hand.

Q: How do I remove a Buy It Now item from someone’s cart that was accidentally added?

A: The only way to remove an item from a cart whether that item was added through the admin checkout or through the event website is to use the Bid Maintenance screen. Find the record and then click the delete button.

Q: How do I see my Bill Me Later checkouts to send invoices or follow up?

A: Use the Auction Summary report to export your list of checkouts. This report includes the Payment Method field and will show you all of the Bill Me checkouts.

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