The Best Auction Management System for DonorSnap Users

AuctionSnap is a nonprofit auction management system designed by the creators of DonorSnap. DonorSnap users can enjoy a seamless integration with AuctionSnap. Learn how it works below!

Nonprofit Auction Software

Streamline Your Nonprofit Auctions.

With AuctionSnap, running your next nonprofit auction has never been easier. Our all-in-one system will help you manage your remote, live, or hybrid auction with ease. Discover how AuctionSnap works with DonorSnap from start to finish.

Setting Up Your Auctions

AuctionSnap allows you to set up your entire auction from your desktop. Set open and close times, add your items, and receive a custom landing page and link for each event.

Through AuctionSnap guests can participate in your auctions from their mobile or desktops. This makes your auctions more accessible. We support silent and live auction items for the same event.

DonorSnap Integration

Linking Your Guests

Using AuctionSnap in conjunction with DonorSnap allows you to easily link event attendees to contact records in your database. Simply create your guest list in DonorSnap and upload it into AuctionSnap through the integration.

Simplified Post-Event Recording

After your event, you no longer have to spend countless hours entering in transaction data. All auction funds and additional donations are transferred to DonorSnap in a few clicks. You choose how to acknowledge them, and what campaign and appeal to record them under. DonorSnap takes care of the rest and your donation files will automatically populate.


Every event comes with its own customizable link. Guests have the ability to place bids right from their devices.

Effortless Item Listing

Simplify the addition and management of auction items. Input images, descriptions, and starting bids for each item.

Flexible Guest Admission

Tailor guest access by deciding whether to manually add bidders or allow public participation in your auction.

Event Data Export

All event transaction data can be easily exported to Excel. DonorSnap users can seamlessly load data into their CRM.

Remote or In-Person Bidding

Cater to both electronic and manual bid preferences within a single auction, accommodating a wider audience.

Item Watchlists

Enable guests to curate watchlists, monitoring items of interest and bids conveniently.

Bid Notifications

Multiple bidding notification methods (text, email, in-app) to keep bidders informed.

Secure Mobile Checkout

Guests can check out right from their phones, or you can do it for them.

Auto-Bid Setting

Guests can set a max bid and auto-bid will take care of the rest.

Custom Bid Times

Customizable bidding duration from hours to days.

Buy-It-Now Items

Buy It Now items for selling merchandise with or without quantity limitations.

Live Auction Items

Live Bidding accommodation for promoting and processing live auction items.

Text Message Integration

Send bidding notifications via text through Twilio integration.

In-App Notifications

Auto in-app bid notifications and broadcast messages.

Email Alerts

Enable bidding notifications and invoicing via email, keeping guests informed and engaged.

Sponsorship Banner

Showcase sponsors with a scrolling sponsor banner prominently displayed on main pages, acknowledging their support.

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