Benefits of Nonprofit Auction Software

Nonprofit Auction Software is designed to take the hassle out of running nonprofit auctions. While auctions can be a great addition to your nonprofit events, the amount of paperwork, prep work, and follow-up can leave your team stretched for time. 

Tools like AuctionSnap were designed to tackle common problems that come along with running a nonprofit auction. Below find some of the most frequent issues that come up at nonprofit auctions and how AuctionSnap provides a simple solution!

How do you build excitement for your nonprofit auction items? 

At a traditional auction, your event attendees would either see the auction items displayed on tables at the event or have a catalog of auction items. If they don’t see the items before the event, there isn’t much time to build up excitement around your auction. Some people may not even see all your items. On the other hand, creating and printing an auction catalog can be costly and time-consuming. 

AuctionSnap Solution: Promote Your Items Early Through a Custom URL

Using Auction Management Software like AuctionSnap will help you easily list all of your auction items online. You can easily upload item images, descriptions, and starting bids. They will all be beautifully displayed through a custom URL. Include this URL in all of your marketing channels before your event (email, social media, etc.)

You can keep bidding closed so guests can preview the items without placing bids before the event. This will allow your guests to take a look at the items ahead of time and help build up momentum for the auction. You also have greater flexibility with your auctions and, if you choose to do so, can open bidding early to help drive up higher bids at your event. 

How do you keep guests engaged with your nonprofit auctions?

Because silent auctions are just that, silent, it can be easy for your guests to forget they are going on. In between all of the mingling, running up to a paper bid sheet can be distracting and your guests won’t want to constantly check if they are winning or not. They may lose interest, or become distracted and not be overly engaged with the silent auction.

AuctionSnap Solution: Mobile Bidding Right From Guest’s Phones

AuctionSnap’s mobile bidding feature allows guests to bid directly from their phones. Guests can mingle about the evening and receive alerts if they have been outbid. This takes the effort out of checking in on the bid sheets. Features like auto bid allow guests to set a max bid that will instantly outbid any new bidders. This helps drive up the overall amount of bids and ultimately will help your nonprofit raise more money at your events. By simplifying the bidding and making it more exciting, guests will automatically become more engaged with your auctions. 

How do you streamline the checkout process at your nonprofit auctions?

One of the most common challenges faced during silent auctions is the unorganized and time-consuming checkout process. This can lead to lines at the end of the event and overall frustration for your staff and guests. You also might have to spend some time tracking down auction winners after your event if you offer invoicing later on. 

AuctionSnap Solution: Mobile Checkout for a Smooth Post-Event Experience

AuctionSnap addresses this issue with its mobile checkout feature. This allows attendees to easily check out and pay for their items using their smartphones, significantly reducing wait times and streamlining the entire process. You can set up receipts to be automatically emailed to your guests, saving more administrative time post-event. This convenience not only improves the attendee experience but also reflects positively on your organization’s efficiency. For those less tech-savvy guests, nonprofits have the option for admin checkout ensuring everyone at every level is getting the service they appreciate. 

What is the best way to record nonprofit auction transactions?

Managing and tracking auction winners and their items can be a process after a traditional event. You must match the items to the winners, invoice or receipt them, and create a tax letter if applicable. There are also many tax implications with running auctions and acknowledging your donors that you might need to keep your eye on. 

AuctionSnap Solution: Automated Event Data Export (and integration with DonorSnap)

AuctionSnap will streamline all of your event transaction data post-event. Nonprofits will have the option to export the data to Excel for import into their CRM of choice. If you use DonorSnap as your nonprofit CRM, we integrate directly with them. All you have to do is connect your attendees to records in your database and the transactions will flow right to your CRM. From there you can generate the necessary acknowledgment letters, if you choose to do those, in addition to the automatic receipts that AuctionSnap will generate. 

How do you reach more people and get better participation in your nonprofit auctions? 

Traditional silent auctions are generally limited to the people who attend your event. You might have many more supporters who would participate in your auction, but can’t attend the actual event. This limits the fundraising potential of your silent auctions. 

AuctionSnap Solution: Online Bidding Platform

Because AuctionSnap has a mobile bidding feature and everything is displayed online, nonprofits have the option for a hybrid auction. With a hybrid auction, guests can participate from a remote location at the same time guests at your live event are bidding. Because everything is updated in real-time, they will still have the experience and excitement of the competition of being in person for the auction. This model of auction expands the reach of the auction to a global audience, potentially increasing the number of bids and, consequently, the funds raised.

Final Thoughts

Running a successful nonprofit auction can come with a handful of challenges for nonprofits. From low engagement to the hassle of managing transactions, nonprofit auctions put a lot of strain on staff and volunteers. If managed well, a nonprofit auction can raise significant funds for your organization. Nonprofit Auction Management software like AuctionSnap can help nonprofits run more streamlined events. From simplifying the process of listing items and bidding to checking out, tools like AuctionSnap save nonprofits time and money. They also allow nonprofits of any size to pull off a fun and engaging event without the need for a huge budget or staff resources.